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Adult Lecture Series

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Adult Lecture Series

Location: Prospect Community Room
Time: 7:00pm to 9

Wednesday, September 27th
An Introduction to Religious Studies: Theories, Methods, the Constitution, and the landscape of religion in America

Wednesday, October 25th
An Introduction to Hindu Traditions: Dharma, Karma, and the pollution of the Ganges River Basin

Wednesday, November 29th
An Introduction to Buddhist Traditions: The Marathon Monks of Mt. Hiei and the human cost of seeking enlightenment

Wednesday, December 20th
An Introduction to Sikhi Traditions:
Chardi Kala and the transformative effect of the Punjabi-American Highway 

Wednesday, January 17th
A Dynamic Understanding of Jesus: Biblical Archaeology & Contemporary Interpretations of a Historical Movement.

Wednesday, February 7th
An Introduction to Jewish Traditions:
The Mourners Kaddish, Scribes, and the shifting roles of Orthodox Women

Wednesday, March 13th
An Introduction to Islamic Traditions: Space Travel, Fatwas, and the dynamic nature of religious requirements

Wednesday, April 17th
An Introduction to Atheistic Traditions: 
The Great Lisbon Earthquake and the European Enlightenme
nt Explosion

Starting in 2015, I developed a lecture series for the parents of our students and adults in our community. I wanted each family to have the opportunity to study together, and the results have been incredible. Most adults in our community are only familiar with devotional approaches to religion, which are constitutionally inappropriate for our public school classroom.

Our classes expose students to diverse religious views but never impose a particular perspective, and our parents learn this importance right away.

Unlike most subjects taught in public schools, religious studies as a discipline is almost unheard of amongst parents and community members. For those of us who teach the subject, we often face questions from parents and religious community members about the content of the curriculum and students' rights. If not addressed correctly, these community controversies can undermine the political will needed to support religious studies education in public schools.

In 2019, the National Summit on Religion and Education affirmed this language and the full report can be downloaded here.


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